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Initially, POGs supply will be fixed, see distribution. There isn't any "mining" happening, so no new coins are distributed with block rewards. Still, we want to add fees to our system because sustainability is our primary goal.


We aim for a 2% yearly inflation rate to ensure long-term success and stability. Instead of charging fees, our inflation rate will serve as a "carbon tax". This inflation will initially be regularly conducted using hard forks and hopefully later integrated more tightly into the network. These hard forks will be automated based on the currently active green wallets.


Transactions on the network will be free; however, to prevent being marked as spam, they can choose to burn a certain amount of pog. Our spam algorithm will determine the likelihood of a transaction being spam based on its computational usage, size, and previous transactions. Prime Delegates will provide an open API that will enable wallets to determine the network's likelihood of accepting a transaction.