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Nodes are Computers/Servers which run pog's software. This software makes possible: anyone can create one of these to ensure and verify the safety and accuracy of the network and reach consensus.

Consensus Mechanism

Finding consensus essentially means every node agreeing on reality: what transactions happened and when. You can find more information on's specific consensus mechanism here: Delegated Proof of Importance.

Prime Delegates/Delegate Nodes

To reach a consensus, works similarly to representative democracy. Voting on your representatives happens continuously by entrusting them with your importance. The 128 most powerful accounts are chosen to vote on network decisions. They play a crucial part in the stability of the network by voting on green addresses and by their votes being rebroadcasted by all other nodes.

Green Addresses

Green Addresses are addresses of vetted, transparent and climate-focused organizations or organizations supporting these. They live in a global pool of approved green addresses. More than 70% of online importance needs to vote for a node for it to be added to this pool. However, only 40% is required to remove these addresses again.

Importance Score

Check out Delegated Proof of Importance

Online Importance Score

The total online importance score is calculated by sampling the absolute importance of all nodes every hour and taking the mean of these values across a week.