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What is

We're a team of software engineers who take a critical look at the current ecosystem of crypto-nonsense and want to do something about it: no NFTs, no ICO, no Founder's bonus. We want to build a fast, easy to use, and most importantly, not a climate-destroying base for the next generation of decentralized applications.

Our Mission

To enable fair and transparent economic growth while maintaining climate neutrality.

We want to accomplish this goal while still staying true to the original vision of bitcoin: creating a currency that knows no geographical boundaries and which exists outside of the control of individual states and companies.

Unfortunately, wealth in the cryptocurrency ecosystem is slowly accumulating in the hands of the very few, bridging the gap to centralized power once again. Linking account balance to voting power goes against the fair, and decentralized vision cryptocurrencies claim to stand for.

With POG, power is earned, not bought. POG has devised its consensus mechanism to avoid power abuse and maintain its integrity to calculate voting power.

Protocol TLDR

We're creating a new Consensus Algorithm called Delegated proof of Importance, which aims to de-commercialize the governance of our protocol. This is combined with various next-generation technologies like using a Block-Lattice structure instead of a simple chain and WASM-based Smart Contracts.

Our Current Status is currently in a very early phase. We're working hard on formalizing our specification and finishing our first, fully-working working version.