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The specification is still a Work-In-Progress and this page isn't finalized yet.

The Token Sale

During the initial launch, 100% of will be distributed; there will be no hidden founder's package or secret pre-sale agreements. 100% of the profits gained in the initial token sale will be used to further our goal of making a positive impact on the earth's environment. We will spread these funds across various projects, from reforestation to direct carbon capture. The final distribution will be fixed before we start the token sale.

In this sale, the amount of generated coins will be relative to the number of donations in this event. This will lead to an initial valuation for each coin, similar to how mining gives bitcoin an inherent monetary value based on the resource costs associated with mining.

We don't see this as a pre-mine. It is essentially the initial mining phase before the network goes live, where everyone interested can participate. All wallet addresses from POG Foundation will be public. Everything the money is used for will be 100% transparent.

To encourage individuals to contribute, additional rewards are offered for the first coins you claim, which taper off. To ensure no foul play, we are working on a zero-knowledge-proof-based identity system.

Supporting Developers

Initially, the first green wallet will be the POG Foundation. Prime Delegates are free to support other causes; however, at least initially, the POG Foundation will be set as the first green wallet. Once the ecosystem stabilizes, we want to let the community decide how they want to support us and use this as an incentive for our organization to be accountable to the community.

The POG foundation will have three green wallets, one focused on protocol development, one supporting the ecosystem, and one exclusively used to support climate-centric programs.