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Introduction is still in an early phase. Currently, we're working hard on finalizing our specification and finishing the first working prototype of our reference-implmenetation, champ.

This specification is primarily aimed at develops with a basic understanding of digital ledger technology, so basic programming knowledge and researching certain terms might be required. We also provide a basic glossary.

Previous Work

We're drawing inspiration from many projects, in particular ethereum, nano, vite and nem. These are all very mature projects with a huge amount of features, which is not: We want to create a minimal and modular project to learn about distributed ledgers and only later expand it to a fully production ready cryptocurrency.


Our roadmap is available here and on the left side you can find our first attempts at defining a protocol.

gantt title Roadmap dateFormat YYYY-MM-DD section Section Defining the Protocol :a1, 2021-06-15, 60d First Node Implementation :a2, after a1, 150d Reevaluate Strategy :a3, after a2, 160d Create Foundation :after a3, 100d Prepare token launch :after a3, 100d