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PIP-0: Pog Improvement Proposals

Number Type Title Authors Status Created
0 PIP Pog Improvement Proposals Henry Gressmann [email protected] draft March 3rd, 2022

Pog Improvement Proposals (PIPs)

A PIP is a document describing features and standards relevant to the POG-Community.

PIPs are immutable. This means that the described facts can't change after it is released; however, wording and formatting are free to be updated.

To update or invalidate a PIP, new PIPs can mark older ones as updated or obsoleted.

Pog Request for Comments (PRCs)

PRCs are unique forms of PIPs. PRCs describe standards relevant to the POG network, similar to the internet's Request for Comments. These proposals represent application-level standards and conventions that aren't necessarily related to POG, like autonomous account interfaces and wallet formats. These aren't critical to the core implementation of POG and are thus easier to create.

Prior Works

PIPs are based on Ethereum's pendant, EIPs.