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Continuous Delivery and Operations @

Automated Testing

All commits are automatically built & tests are run. Further, we use cargo check and clippy for static code analysis.

Automated Nightly Builds

All commits to our main master branch are automatically built for linux_x86 and made available as nightly builds using GitHub artifacts.

Automated Releases

We have a custom workflow for automatically creating releases and release notes. We can automatically calculate the next by using conventional-commits as our convention for commit messages in main version bump based on semantic versioning and generate a meaningful changelog. Creating releases as easy and fast as possible can either be made by marking a pull request with a release label or by including [new_release] in the commit message. This triggers our automated release process, which updates the version number in all packages in this monorepo and commits the changes to main.

After a new release has been finally released, a new build job starts for every architecture on native Windows, Linux, and macOS VMs.


We manage documentation in our repo, which combines the markdown files in our projects managed through git submodules. To keep the submodules up to date, we have a unique ci workflow that only runs on changes to markdown files and creates a new commit in the repo updating the relevant submodule. Every new commit is built and published to our main website at using Cloudflare pages with our customized mkdocs theme.