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Shared Protocol Buffers

pognetwork/proto contains protocol buffers which are shared across pog projects and can be used to interact with the different APIs safely.

APIs are append only. Fields that aren't used anymore can only be updated for major new API versions or deprecated and replaced. Old fields should first be marked as deprecated and later commented out without their id being reused.

Supported languages


Currently prepackaged types are only provided for rust:


pog-proto = {git = ""}

Cargo pins dependencies, so after pushing a new change to this repo, be sure to run $ cargo update in the project depending on this. Also, remember to reload your IDE since the rust language server often doesn't pick up the changes in dependencies.


New builds are automatically released and versioned with the sortened version of the commit hash, e.g. 0.1.0-d15c488.

$ npm install @pognetwork/champ-proto@latest google-protobuf @types/google-protobuf @improbable-eng/grpc-web

import { grpc } from "@improbable-eng/grpc-web";
import {
} from "@pognetwork/champ-proto/rpc/node_user";

const rpc = new GrpcWebImpl("http://localhost:9090", {
  debug: false,
  metadata: new grpc.Metadata({ Authorization: "bar" }),

const user = new NodeUserClientImpl(rpc);

  .Login({ password: "foo", username: "bar" })
  .then((reply) => console.log(reply.token))
  .catch((e) => console.error(e));