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Smart Contracts aren't planned to be added in the first version of POG, but in a later update. This is a living document which will change over time.

Smart ContractsΒΆ

  • In pog, Smart Contracts come in the form of autonomous accounts. These can be created by anyone using a create transaction and operate autonomously after this.
  • These contracts are essentially a function which responds to events like send transactions to the account.
  • Contracts have access to a append-only key-value database
  • Contracts have access to a transactions
  • Contracts have a main function where they can process arbitrary data send through data fields in transactions.
  • The contract's code itself isn't stored on the blockchain but IPFS (would this make sense? still thinking about it)

Transactions which are send to an autonomous account trigger a new execute transaction, which can both send and receive funds.

execute transactions can contain multiple data blocks which add new entries to the AutAcc's database.

Open Questions

  • How do we prevent spam?
  • How do we calculate the cost of executing the code?