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PRC-3: Lean Universal Local Wallets (LULW)

Number Type Title Authors Status Created
3 PRC Lean Universal Local Wallets Henry Gressmann [email protected] draft March 3rd, 2022

The LULW-Format

POGs Wallet format is based on the LULW-Format (Lean Universal Local Wallet) to provide interoperability and flexibility. This format is based on the UTC / JSON keystores which Ethereum pioneered.

By default, pog's encryption is based on AEAD, the standard for modern SSL and TLS encryption schemes.

  "$schema": "",
  "$id": "",
  "version": 0,
  "crypto": {
    "ciphertext": "base64-encoded-encrypted-data",
    "cipher": "chacha20-poly1305-aead",
    "cipherparams": {
      "nonce": "base64-encoded-random-data"
    "kdf": "argon2id",
    "kdfparams": {
      "salt": "base64-encoded-random-data",
      "v": 19,
      "m": 4096,
      "t": 3,
      "p": 1